Law Enforcement Impound
Vehicle Claiming Proceedure

To ensure vehicles are claimed by their legal owners the following documents must be presented to take possession of an impounded vehicle:

  • Photo identification
  • Legal instrument(s) identifying ownership
  • Valid form of payment for the total amount due at the time of release/pickup
  • If a Law Enforcement hold has been put on the vehicle, you will need to get a release from Law Enforcement before the vehicle can be released.

A vehicle or vessel stored in the impound lot will only be released to the legal and/or registered owner. The exception to this rule is when the legal and/or registered owner's actual presence is unlikely because of a circumstance that may, or may not be limited to:

  • Hospitalization because of illness or injury
  • Located in another city, state, or country of considerable traveling distance from the location of our main office
  • Imprisonment in a local, state, or federal jail or detention facility
  • Deceased

In the event one of the four scenarios exist, the completion of Power of Attorney Form notarized by a legally commissioned notary public will be required. Said form can be obtained from this website and must be presented in person at the time of vehicle pickup.

Big Al’s Towing and Recovery understands Law Enforcement impounds can be a frustrating experience. They only provide the tow service and storage of your vehicle for Law Enforcement, and did not order the vehicle to be impounded. Any issues regarding your impound should be directed at the Law Enforcement agency that impounded the vehicle.

Big Al’s Towing is not responsible for damages to the vehicle as a result of the Law Enforcement impound.

Acceptable forms of payment include cash or credit card payment.